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APB of July 14, 2015, really should get a life. He speaks of the “nasty party” and “that thing”. Has he forgotten the Conservatives were voted in by the British Public, and the name he could not say is Margaret Thatcher, not Maggie or Thatcher?

For the record when Harold Wilson was in power he closed 252 pits and when Margaret Thatcher was in power she closed 154. I came from a mining family and like “not deluded or blinkered” (July 28, 2015) I made my own mind up about politics, and not as my father or his father before him voted, as so many people do. I can remember my father saying the Miners will price themselves out of a job.

I also remember doing the goose-step and raising my hand in the Nazi salute, we were mocking the Nazis not joining them.