Footballers are regarded as role models by our kids

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The Masseys are more than entitled to their say on Ched Evans, however, they should make any comments valid ones.

Firstly, to suggest that for any other profession than footballers, there would be no fuss in their returning to work?

I beg to differ, you wouldn’t find a teacher, childminder etc to be allowed to return, so to single out footballers is ridiculous.

Secondly, the ‘new’ evidence which they have discovered isn’t even due to be heard by the CCRC until 2017.

Mr Massey claims that the new evidence should exonerate Ched.

Then I suggest let’s all wait and see what the outcome is in 2017 and then stand on our soap boxes.

Does this also mean that if this appeal fails we shall hear yet another opinion or better still, an apology from the Masseys?

The facts are simple, as very well stated in the Star’s Opinion.

This is a convicted rapist.

This is also a convicted rapist who held a very privileged position in society and many footballers are regarded by the youth of today as role models.

I have children who enjoy football, however I can assure you, I would be mortified to think my children would grow up to believe that you can commit a serious offence such as rape and then be allowed to return to the same privileged lifestyle as before the crime.

And Mr Massey, I would bet that out of the 65,000 individuals already campaigning to stop this rapist being re-employed in this city, not all of them have, or would wish to, remain anonymous.

Sheffielders have a very big voice and I can assure you, on this subject, we will be heard.

Sarah Carr

Handsworth, Sheffield