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With regard to the two schemes for football hubs at Thorncliffe and Graves, the cost I believe is in the order of £9.6 million and is described as a “pilot scheme” with the Football Association and I would be interested to know how much each participant is putting into this particular “pot”?

The new Thorncliffe venture would see the loss by the way, of three existing pitches and a cricket ground.

I note also that a new £7 million swimming pool and leisure centre is also to be built at Thorncliffe.

My reaction to these proposals for additional activities is a mixed one – first that they will hopefully extend our city’s great reputation for sport, especially for the younger members, but secondly that we have spent large sums of money in the past, only to dump the facilities because of lack of use (I have in mind particularly the Don Valley sport centre).

I would also be interested to hear whether our two main football clubs have had any input to these schemes, either with advice or finance, since they would presumably benefit from the output of the hubs.

Finally, can I assume that the Government have been persuaded to reduce the cuts they are making in order that these new projects can go ahead ?

Peter Fox

by email