Football history made by goal

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For the interest of the thousands of football fans in South Yorkshire, I wonder if they realised they were seeing football history made when Thierry Henry’s goal for Arsenal knocked Leeds United out of the FA Cup?

At that moment Thierry became the first man ever to score a goal for his club when he already had a statue of himself built in the club stadium (The Emirates), a feat which may never been repeated as long as football is played.

Incidentally, for the interest of football fans in Sheffield, if we could have a bronze statue of the most-loved and admired footballer at either the Blades or Owls grounds, would it be that of Jimmy Hagan at Bramall Lane and Derek Dooley at Hillsborough ?

Ron Humberstone, Ecclesfield

My certificate

reader Jack Slinn was not the last person to receive a School Certificate because they were issued for a further four years after his achievement. I received one in 1949 and that was the year they were abolished in favour of the CSE and O-levels which survived about 10 years from 1950 onwards and were then superseded by GCSEs.

DP, Shiregreen

Great service on icy road

ON Sunday I phoned Streetforce at 9.15am about a water leak on our road that was freezing, causing an icy road. Yorkshire Water have been working on the leak but it now seems even stronger.

When I left home at 10am to go to church, the road had been extra-well gritted and ice warning signs placed above the hazard. What a brilliant service – especially on a Sunday.

Sioned-Mair Richards, Lyons St, S4

Callous people

how callous can some people be? I am aged 77 and left my shoping bag on a bus, containing my purse with my weekly pension, a loaf of bread, bottle of milk and six breadcakes. They handed in the bag but it just contained the milk.

EH, S2