Fond memories of barmaid Liz

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Georgia Hall’s story of her mother reminded me of my brief connection to Liz.

I was licensee of the Hallamshire Hotel on West Street in 1976 and interviewed Liz for a job as barmaid.

She made no secret of the fact she was a recovering alcoholic or that she had been fitted with an anti-alcohol implant.

Despite this, or maybe because of her honesty, I offered Liz a job. She soon became an asset, with her vivacious personality, reliability and ability to charm customers.

She was a trustworthy and popular member of staff who did not take a drink during the time I knew her. This coincides with Georgia’s recollection of when she was 11, a time when Liz often spoke of her love for her children.

It is sad to read that Liz did slip back and I would like to wish them both good luck for the future

Stuart McKenzie, Sheffield