Fog-light law

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LB asks why drivers don’t switch off their fog-lights when it’s not foggy and asks if it is an offence.

Firstly, some drivers are so gormless they don’t even know the lights are on. The others, the majority, are poseurs who think it is cool to to do this. Yes, it is an offence. The law says visibility must be down to 500 metres before fog-lights can be used. Drivers get away with it because of the reduction in traffic police and the normal panda cop hasn’t a clue about more complex traffic laws. The fine is £30.

John Watts, Valley Road, S8

Left to struggle in the snow

Colin Drury made some valid points regarding snow.

However on the hilly part of Thorpe House Road last year we had 18 inches of snow and had to dig ourselves out after being snowbound a week. In the last 26 years we have had many similar depths of snow.

He forgets that not everyone is able-bodied which is why we need help from the council, and should be entitled to it for the council tax we pay.

Twenty years ago, we used to be visited by a small tractor with a plough blade, which cleared snow sufficiently for everyone to dig their way to the centre of the road. This was stopped some years ago.

A neighbour requested a grit bin. He was told he would have to pay for it and have it installed and then he would have to pay the ongoing cost of maintaining and insuring it. He would also be liable if anyone was injured using it or colliding with it.

This is the only steep road in our neighbourhood without a grit bin. It not only needs one but has many people willing to have it on their verge.

The council told me we didn’t need one. This person has obviously never tried to drive up or down our road in snow. He also told me that in the event of any emergency ‘don’t worry we will get you to the ambulance’, an admission that the ambulance could not reach us. Let’s hope there isn’t a fire, how would they carry a burning house to the engine?

Stephen W Ryszka, Thorpe House Road, Norton Lees

Lovely ladies

are the ladies in The Star shop university educated? They seem to know everything. Along with the Mona Lisa smile, that says it all.

E B Warris, Raeburn Place, S14