Flytipping on the rise in Sheffield

Andrew Sobieralski, pictured with fly-tipped waste, on Sutherland Road , Pitsmoor

Andrew Sobieralski, pictured with fly-tipped waste, on Sutherland Road , Pitsmoor

  • by Richard Marsden News Reporter

THIS shocking haul of household waste has been dumped on open space next to playing fields in Sheffield.

Plastic bags, fizzy drink bottles, wrappers, food waste and tin cans are among the hundreds of items littering the large area of scrubland and bushes.

Andrew Sobieralski, aged 49, who discovered the rubbish on Sutherland Road, Pitsmoor, said: “There are around 40 black bags’ worth of waste which have been strewn across the ground - all near a Sheffield Council sign warning that people dumping rubbish will be fined up to £20,000.

“I am a keen environmentalist - and this is just an absolute disgrace.”

Opposition councillors claimed the blight was an inevitable result of fortnightly, rather than weekly, bin collections - and said reports of fly-tipping had risen since fortnightly collections started last August.

Mr Sobieralski, who lives in Pitsmoor and is a tattooist at Lab 13 studio in Attercliffe, said: “I’m not sure whether or not the rubbish dumped on Sutherland Road is to do with the council bringing in fortnightly bin collections and people not being able to fit all the rubbish in their bins.

“But other council cuts to street cleaning and environmental services are not helping.

“Something needs to be done - there are rats around Sutherland Road and it’s an environmental and health hazard.”

Coun David Baker, Lib Dem spokesman for recycling, said: “When you see instances like the tipping in Pitsmoor, it’s hard to understand why Labour councillors turned down Government funding to cover the cost of weekly bin collections.

“Clearly, fly-tipping is unacceptable is any circumstances but you can’t help feeling Labour’s decision to cut recycling and weekly collections at the same time is at least partly to blame.”

The council said it did not take up an offer of Government funding to preserve weekly bin collections due to uncertainty over how much would be offered - in return for a commitment to keep the weekly service for five years.

Moving to fortnightly collections will save £2.4 million a year.

Coun Jack Scott, cabinet member for recycling, said: “No street cleaning and environmental health staff have been lost due to the cuts.

“Fly-tipping is an illegal and disgusting activity. I know it has a big impact. This is why we are working with the police to crack down on fly-tipping and taking even tougher action wherever we can.

“The difficulty is the criminals who flytip do it in the dead of night and in hidden-away places. We always urge anyone with information to come forward. They can do this anonymously.

“The Lib Dems’ behaviour is outrageous. They are now fly-tippers’ best friends. Instead of making excuses for this criminal behaviour, they should be standing up for Sheffield to make sure our city has the resources we need to fight crime properly. Instead, they are trying to score cheap political points.”




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