Flypast must have been magnificent sight

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Unfortunately I didn’t manage to see the 70th anniversary flypast of the iconic Lancaster bomber as it thundered over the Derwent & Ladybower dams in commemoration of the famous Dambusters raid, but what a magnificent sight it must have been.

We must never forget the bravery of those remarkable men from 617 Squadron and the fact that nearly half of them never returned home. Their incredible contribution to World War Two helped to keep this country free and I think those politicians who kow-tow to the EU need to reflect on this when they are relinquishing more of our powers. Those brave men made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that Great Britain would always be in charge of its own destiny and they would surely turn in their graves if they knew that policies for the future of our country are no longer decided by our own parliament but by an unelected body of bureaucrats in Brussels.

Susan Richardson