Fly tipping in the cemetery

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Having read the article on Wardsend Cemetery, I wish to say that fly tipping has been going on there for at least 25 years, and has also occurred on the river bank.

You say volunteers carried out a clean-up operation. No attempt was made to contact the Friends Group and therefore weren’t able to take part.

The landfill mentioned is that tipped by cowboy builders, to avoid landfill tax (the Friends have a good relationship with the demolition contractor next door).

You state that of 250 flood victims, 240 are buried in Wardsend: there are five named, four unnamed, along with a possible further five also unnamed, totalling 14 interred in the cemetery.

There are 116 military burials or memorials to those buried in foreign fields mentioned on family headstones. Some are of soldiers’ family from the barracks. The obelisk is in memory of members of the 14th depot battalion who died of cholera between 1866 and 69, buried there.

P Quincey, archivist, Friends of Wardsend Cemetery

Still dangerous

Congratulations to Streetforce, the gentlemen who repair our highways and byways. They came to repair a dangerous section of Bernard Street on Sunday morning. They started at a point on the street to lay about three yards of ashphalt. Wonderful, you would think. However, instead of proceeding south with their admirable efforts, they decided to go north. The damaged section of roadway is still there, a constant source of danger.

David Lowe, Bernard Street, S2