Fly-tippers must be tackled

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MANY of us will have looked on in disgust when we came across a pile of waste left by some inconsiderate fly-tipper using our favourite beauty spot as a rubbish dump.

So it is difficult to imagine the anger that Sheffield man Haroon Ayub felt when he continuously discovered rubbish fly-tipped in the street outside his home.

His anger turned to despair, though, when the local authorities passed him from pillar to post as each department denied responsibility.

The dumping of rubbish is a blight on our region and we all ought to be doing our bit to bring the culprits to book and stamp it out once and for all.

But this can only be done with the co-operation of people like Haroon and a positive response from the authorities.

We should all be looking out for those who dump rubbish wherever they like and the way we report these incidents ought to be simplified.

Fly-tipped rubbish gives places a feeling of being uncared for and increases individuals’ feelings of unease. Tackling those responsible and making them pay for their lack of civic pride is the only way to make a difference.

Wake up to this looming problem

DAVID Cameron’s Big Society is shown to be ruthlessly flawed today after the Institute of Public Policy Research North think tank warned that charities in this part of the country are likely to be harder hit than those operating in the affluent regions around London.

The consequence of this, of course, is that those who rely on charitable work will suffer with fewer services and less support coming their way.

This is a situation which cannot be allowed to pass by without comment and, hopefully, action.

Members of the coalition government need to wake up to this looming problem and make sure that mechanisms are in place to ensure a fair distribution of any business support for charity which is expected to fill the void now public spending cuts have limited handouts to the voluntary sector.

An enthusiastic life

GET set for six weeks of celebrating our city’s wonderful natural treasures. And there will be no want of things to do or marvels to enjoy

For Sheffield is home to a wide and wonderful range of environmental gifts which need only a little effort to be discovered.

And with the 27th annual Sheffield Environment Weeks series just launched there is now no excuse to not make the effort and celebrate our rich wildlife.

But you had better be on your guard.

The enthusiasm that taking part in Environment Weeks events inspires is likely to last a lifetime.