Fly me to the moon, please

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I TRAVELLED extensively from the age of 60 to 80 but I always paid up front. So, if the holiday was ruined I had not to pay for it afterwards.

I got lost, sometimes, slept in a cave in the middle of Australia and went down into the crater of Vesuvius. But, I always felt in command of the situation. Nowadays it is so different.

Nature seems to have gone haywire with volcanic eruptions, floods and earthquakes. But, above all, are the disasters by man himself. I may have been in danger from a man on his own, but never whole hordes, even armies of men wielding weapons, determined to kill just anyone. And now the sole bomber, trying to take as many others to hell with him, disregarding innocence or age.

So I am glad I did my adventuring in the not so distant past and knowing that a trip to Cleethorpes is sufficient.

Of course, I do not know if this sort of thing could happen in Cleethorpes, once only the place for bucket and spade and slot machines.

Mind you, if somebody would offer to fly me to the moon, or Mars, or any such, I would jump at the chance. If ever I got back from one of those, perhaps things might be different for the better.

Vera Percy, Hoole Road, S10