Flawed council survey

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The city council’s on-line survey is very poorly designed and will produce useless, misleading data on which to base the future waste/recycling arrangements for Sheffield.

It asks you to record ranked importance of three items weighted to lead you to select weekly black bin collection as being least important. It does not even ask what you recycle in the bin or box.

If you say you do not use the bin or box it then asks how full it is on collection day (no provision for N/A response).

The only cost quoted relates to garden waste recycling weighted to lead all those with little or no gardens to select an end to free collections. The obvious reaction to being charged for collection would be to put it in the black bin.

It gives no opportunity to state preference for a particular collection frequency or other specifics - too vague.

The financial implications of different options are not stated - it does matter.

A more relevant survey could be included with council tax notifications to involve many more people and ask more relevant questions, offering indication of cost implications.

Here is a suggestion for an alternative waste/recycling survey.

Minimum acceptable frequency of black bin collections: weekly/fortnightly/weekly in summer and fortnightly in winter.

Minimum acceptable frequency of recycling collections and preferred receptacle: paper: bin/box/ fortnightly/monthly.

Glass, plastic and tins: bin/box/ fortnightly/monthly.

If all recycling was collected in the same blue bin with fortnightly collections would this be an acceptable alternative? Yes/no.

Should all plastics be recycled, rather than the types currently collected? Yes/no.

Garden waste disposal: How many bags of garden waste do you generate each year? None/input number

If you generate any bags how do you dispose of them? Green bag collection/black bin/take to recycling centre/composted on site/other (state method).

Richard Brunt, Falmouth Rd, S7