Flash flooding

Two sheep stranded on a raging flooded river
Two sheep stranded on a raging flooded river
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On the matter of flooding, too little is being said about trees.

Our uplands have been denuded for grazing by sheep and so in heavy rain on those bare hills we get flash flooding.

Trees would absorb much of the water and release it slowly.

Upland sheep farming is very heavily subsidised and still makes a loss.

David Taylor, past president of the Institute of Chartered Foresters, calls the sheep-subsidy pointless and argues that reforestation would also increase biodiversity, sequester carbon, improve public access and bring variety to the landscape.

The agricultural correspondent of Private Eye writes that the farmers get that subsidy whether they produce any food or not, so they’d be better off without the sheep.

Let’s have trees instead of sheep and floods.

Mike Maas