Flag down police

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could the Chief Constable please have a word with some of his police officers to solve a problem which is constantly happening in Sheffield?

Every single day, week after week, year after year, I notice the same offence being committed.

I use Abbeydale Road two or three times a day and I am confronted with the same thing every journey. There is a bus stop on Abbeydale Road, opposite the Broadfield pub.

It is clearly marked out in yellow paint with the words Bus Stop.

This means a bus can pull into that space to pick up and drop off passengers but in this case it does not work.

This is because the space is constantly used by cars nipping into the local shops. Further, the bus has to park in the middle of the road when dropping off or picking up passengers.

This causes chaos at an already dangerous junction, with four sets of traffic lights.

What amazes me is that time after time when this occurs, you can see police cars passing without so much as stopping to give the culprits a ticket. Why?

This is not only against the law but it is a downright dangerous practice, considering it happens at a crossroads where motorists constantly jump red lights.

If this doesn’t stop I am going to flag down the next police car that passes the obstruction and demand that something is done.

Mr PG, Lodge Moor, S10