Five-year problem

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Following on from J Tompkins’s letter regarding blocked roads around Norwood and Bishopholme of 30 Nov I would also like to point out that this is not a one off.

Edensor Road and Fairbank Road are regularly blocked by badly parked cars. I would hope that the poorly parked cars outside my home today are not owned by NHS staff on the picket line.

This problem has persisted for five years now and the council seems incapable of doing anything, the NHS unwilling and the people who do it appear to be ignorant of the problems they cause not only to residents but to ambulances, fire tenders and delivery vehicles.

I have reported five incidents of badly parked cars blocking the road in the last two months.

Not only does this present problems travelling along the road I have also received a great deal of abuse from hospital workers, taxi drivers and visitors to the hospital because they cannot pass.

If only it was a simple task to solve this problem, it could have been dealt with in the Child Safety Zone plans in 2007 which were shelved when the Lib Dems decided to redistribute money in the Area Panel shake-up and it has not been reinstated under Labour.

The work was deemed necessary then, surely it is desperate for it now.

This would have reduced the number of taxis and visitors using the roads as rat runs to the hospital in the first instance, which causes a lot of the problems and strategically-placed speed cushions and shuttle runs would have eased the parking situation.

Some pleasant signs identifying the area as Norwood and Bishopholme would have probably helped too.

The cost of that project would be a drop in the ocean compared to the massive profits the Northern General makes from car park charges and yet, having caused the problems five years ago, they seem reluctant to spend money to help their neighbours. Shame on them.

Russell Cutts, Fairbank Rd, S5