Fitting send-off for our Big Man

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My husband Andy Raistrick passed away in the Macmillan and Palliative Care Unit, at the Northern General Hospital.

We cannot express how grateful we are to the staff, who all earned their ‘angel wings’. The dignity, respect and care given to Andy was second to none.

At Andy’s funeral we were overwhelmed at the number of people who attended, it was more fitting of a celebrity, let alone a retired police officer. It was a very sad day, but also a day that made us proud to know Andy had left a long and lasting impression on so many.

We’re in debt to Jane and Ak for contacting all his old colleagues and arranging for South Yorkshire Police to give him a memorable send off. A massive thank you to the mounted and traffic sections.

Further thanks to Sheffield City Transport Services for allowing his work colleagues to attended and to Talbot School: he loved taking the children there and on trips.

Our final thanks go to funeral director Michael Fogg, who treated Andy with dignity and respect and allowed us to give our ‘Big Man’ the send off he deserved.

Sue Raistrick, Robin Lane, Beighton (on behalf of Daniel, Sarah, James, Derrin and Matthew)

Having our say

It is a great idea to ask us how we’d like to make savings from the council budget, but first we must be given details not only of what the council spends but what it owns. There may be pockets of land doing nothing which could be sold or tenants who pay nominal rents and could pay more. When we’re told where we can access the information councillors may get some very interesting suggestions on how they can save or generate income, instead of always threatening high profile services such as education, libraries etc. We need creative thinking not just negativity.

B Evans, Shirecliffe Lane, S3

Why are we being asked to ‘vote’ on the £50 million council cuts? Surely we elect our council to make these decisions in the best interests of Sheffield (which is not necessarily the same as the best interests of whichever party is in power). Difficult decisions must be made and some areas will be hit more than others but come on councillors, do the job for which you are elected, no matter how painful and stop passing the buck.

Ian Clerehugh, Hill Turrets Close, S11

Sheffield people on stage

has Jean Tracey, who wrote about Lives in Art, the Crucible’s 40th birthday celebration production, seen this 4-star rated show, performed by 60 amateur Sheffield actors (apart from Andrew Dunn)?

My daughter, aged 16, began work on this in July by auditioning for the play and she was one of the lucky amateurs to be chosen from around 350.

Like many of the cast she wants to become a professional actor, having spent years in a youth theatre and now attends college studying performing arts.

Who are the professional actors from Sheffield Ms Tracey thinks would have performed any better?

The Crucible was built for the people of Sheffield and it is only right that Sheffield people performed on the night, whether professional or amateur

Sally Hurst