First bus timetable was not in service

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I live on Batemoor and last Saturday evening, (August 15), I crossed the road to the bus stop to wait for the 75, (run by First), to go to Morrison’s at Meadowhead at around 17.55. One turned up at 18.01 – not in service.

There was one due at 18.02, so I was pleased when I spotted another coming along the road at 18.03. This was also not in service.

As the driver had stopped to let off a couple of passengers I asked him if he knew when a bus that was in service was due. Without a word he pointed to the bus timetable. That was really helpful. After waiting another 10 minutes I gave up and went home.

However, I needed to do some shopping so went back to the bus stop at 18.29, the next bus apparently due at 18.32. It did not arrive, although one did turn up at 18.36. Wonderful, I thought, when I saw it approaching – but yes, you guessed it, not in service.

A few minutes later I caught a 79 and went to Asda on Queens Road. Had I known when I first started waiting that no 75 in service was going to arrive I could have caught a 79 or 79a instead, both of which had turned up during my waiting time, and done my shopping sooner rather than later.

This does not seem to be a new phenomenon however, as I experienced a similar situation, again on a Saturday evening, at the same time several years ago, only then I waited an hour and a half for a bus to go to Tesco at Woodseats – there was no alternative service in those days; there was a bus on each of the half hours after the first one at 18.10 but none of them was in service.

The store shut at 8pm and I only just made it in time, a bus that was in service turning up at 19.40. That was in winter time and so rather a cold wait. The reason I was given for such poor service when I rang the bus company later was ridiculous.

For several years in the interim I had a car so I could go shopping when it was convenient to me.

It would be nice, even when the buses are running down for the evening, for them to be in service according to the timetable.

Bridget Doman

Batemoor Road, Sheffield, S8