First bus driver was very rude to pregnant lady

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I would just like to make First passengers aware of the very rude bus driver I have come across today.

I am 27 weeks pregnant and had 3 full bags of shopping and when I boarded the bus at the bottom of the moor I asked for my usual fare of £1.80 to Norton Lees.

I only had a £5.00 note and bearing in mind the time of 14:50, I assumed he would definitely have change but the driver told me that as he has just come on shift he had no change and that if I boarded the bus I would have to collect my change from Rotherham.

I asked him if I could pay when I needed to get off but again in front of the entire bus told me that I would have to risk collecting my change from Rotherham so therefore I had to get off and wait for another bus which fortunately the 17 wasn’t too far behind to which may I add the driver did have change for £5.00!

A local neighbour of mine was on this bus and witnessed how rude the driver was towards me and said she took his driver number to make a formal complaint. It was unfortunate that I had to vacate the bus otherwise I would have got all the details myself but I have today made a formal complaint to First Bus and await to hear their outcome!!

Maybe it would be an idea if First Group made sure that all bus drivers in future carry small change as I mentioned before it was only £5.00!

Michelle Barber

by email