Firefighters’ workload to be made public online

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EVERY emergency incident dealt with by firefighters in South Yorkshire is to be published on the internet.

Each call received, the type of incident it was, and how long firefighters spent tackling the blaze will be detailed on the log.

The first day of incidents recorded – Sunday – revealed firefighters were sent to 36 emergency incidents across South Yorkshire, of which six were incidents affecting properties. Twelve were small fires affecting grass and rubbish and 14 were false alarms.

Fire Service spokesman Steve Chu said: “We are a public service and people see our fire engines travelling throughout the county on a daily basis.

“It is important the public is able to access information about what we have been doing, and the incidents we have attended.

“The number of emergency incidents in South Yorkshire has halved since 2003 and we hope that continues to be reflected in the future.

Visit to check the log.