Firefighters remain at scene of huge city blaze

SYFR pic of the blaze at Attercliffe on Sunday
SYFR pic of the blaze at Attercliffe on Sunday
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Two fire engines still remain at the scene of a huge blaze which sent a mile high plume of thick black smoke billowing into the sky.

A plastics recycling plant went up on flames on Sunday afternoon - generating smoke which could be seen from as far away as Leeds and Doncaster.

At the height of the incident 10 fire engines and 50 firefighters were involved in tackling the blaze.

This morning fire crews are still damping down and preparing for diggers to be brought in to begin to turn over the 20 tonnes of plastic involved in the blaze, to ensure none of the material is still smouldering underneath.

The fire at Sheffield Reclaim - a charity for adults with learning difficulties who sort plastics, cans and textiles for recycling - was reported at around 2.30pm on Sunday.

It spread to three other neighbouring businesses on Lumley Street, Attercliffe.

An investigation into the cause of the blaze is still under way.