Fighters sent to escort civil aircraft to Robin Hood Airport

Jet: Typhoon fighter.
Jet: Typhoon fighter.
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RAF fighter jets were scrambled to escort an executive jet to Robin Hood Airport after concerns were raised about its flightpath.

Two Typhoon fighters are thought to have been sent to intercept the aircraft after it had changed course with explanation.

Police met the crew and passengers at the airport when it landed in Doncaster.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “Police were alerted to a potential issue with an aircraft attempting to land at Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield on Wednesday afternoon.

“Officers attended the airport and once the plane landed, it rapidly became clear that this aircraft posed no risk to the airport or the public and police resumed normal business. This matter is not being investigated further.”

A spokesman for the airport said: “We can confirm that a small business jet was escorted to land at Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield by two RAF aircraft.

“The matter was subsequently dealt with by South Yorkshire Police, however this had no impact on operations or for passengers using the airport.”

The incident happened in the middle of the afternoon when the aircraft is believed to have changed its flight plans mid-air.

It is thought the business jet set off from Istanbul for Innsbruck but once inside Austrian airspace it cancelled its stop in Innsbruck and asked to continue to Doncaster.

It has been reported that the aircraft had indicated a technical fault.

The fighter aircraft are believed to have been sent from RAF Coningsby, in Lincolnshire.

One eyewitness logged on the internet that a pair of Typhoons circled around the airport before ‘zooming high into the blue sky’.

A RAF spokeswoman said: “Quick Reaction Alert aircraft were launched to determine the identity of an unknown aircraft that entered the NATO Air Policing Area 1 and could not be identified by other means.”