Fight garden-grabbing

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A PLANNING application to build two large blocks of high-value flats on the site of a single dwelling at 135, Dore Road has received over 700 objections from local residents and also objections from Dore Village Society. This clearly shows that this application is not wanted by the local community.

Garden-grabbing of this sort has largely been responsible for the destruction of the character of many English villages and the decimation of much loved wildlife such as the song thrush and house sparrow whose numbers have plummeted.

However communities do not have to sit back and watch their neighbourhoods get swallowed up in concrete.

This was made very clear by Government Minister Greg Clark on June 9, 2010 when he gave powers to councils to work with communities to decide what new homes are best for their areas.

He said: “For years the wishes of local people have been ignored as the character of their neighbourhoods and gardens have been destroyed.”

Councils are therefore able to protect gardens from inappropriate development by rejecting planning applications for development which are objected to by the local community.

Surely garden-grabbing developers who ignore the wishes and needs of local communities and destroy the vital green lungs of our cities by cramming as many dwellings as possible onto a site, often hiding behind the threat of an expensive appeal, should now be stopped.

Communities no longer have to be victims of a system designed to maximise profits and minimise choice.

The application for two high value blocks of flats at 135, Dore Road is a perfect example of garden-grabbing at its worst.

We trust Sheffield planners will implement the new powers they now have where the wishes of the community are respected, before the fate of 135, Dore Road is decided.

Anne Smith MBE, Dore Rd, S17