Female ‘persons’ can’t have it all ways

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I wish British females would make their minds up exactly what they want.

They keep screaming about their equal rights, they want to be treated the same as their male counterparts, no special privileges. There is to be no more “man or woman” it must be “person or persons”. We now find that three RAF “persons”, who just happen to be of the female gender, are going to be paid £100,000 each because they claim they received injuries caused by marching in step with male colleagues.

It is strange how women who want everything the men get, can suddenly play the “I’m a woman” card when they find they are not up to the job. We cannot afford massive payouts like this, it’s time we changed back to the “woman’s job” and “man’s job” if these women can’t hack it.

Dave Croucher

Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster, DN7