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I think many of your readers would be surprised, if not shocked to realise how little protection this so called green city actually gives to trees.

An act of barbarity has occurred on Ashland Road, Nether Edge. One of the most beautiful of all trees, and maybe 150+ years old, has fallen victim to the “Chainsaw Gang”.

Its enchanting form, overhanging the road for so many years is no more. The sight of the tree being butchered actually made me feel physically sick.

This part of Nether Edge is supposed to be a conservation area. The council can stipulate any manner of things I can or cannot do to the appearance of my house, but, alas, something really important like an iconic tree is not protected.

The council say the tree was on private property, well so is my front garden but I can’t take down my walls and pave it over.

The tree was pushing over the wall, they say. So how does cutting down the tree now suddenly make the wall safe? The shrinkage of the soil and roots will probably make the wall less safe than it was. Even if the tree was pushing over the wall why not rebuild the wall away from the tree, perhaps extending the pavement to create a traffic-calming effect.

We have just recorded, in Sheffield, dangerously high pollution, twice the limit that is the threshold for harm to people’s health. So If the environment is not worth the expenditure, then what exactly is worth it? Once these mature big pollution filters are gone they are gone. Planting “lollipop” trees to replace them is a joke.

The council mandarins responsible for this should hang their heads in shame.

We are quick to condemn less affluent countries when they chop down their environment. As ever I guess it’s, do as I say not as I do.

Ivan Skelhorn