Fat blockage is removed from sewer

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A MOUND of fat weighing the same as five family cars has today been removed from a South Yorkshire sewer.

In one of the biggest clean-up operations of the year, Yorkshire Water removed more than six tonnes of fat, which had built up in a Rotherham sewer over a number of months.

The fat, which had been poured down kitchen sinks and drains, was discovered during a camera inspection of a sewer under Corporation Street.

In some places, it filled up to 80 per cent of the pipe.

To remove the blockage, Yorkshire Water used a special industrial vacuum to suck the fat out of the sewer and into a tanker, before it was taken to a special waste disposal facility for treatment.

Matt Thompson, of Yorkshire Water, said: “We’re sadly used to removing blockages caused by fat in our sewer network, but it’s rare we ever encounter anything on this scale.

“We estimate we’ve removed about seven tonnes of putrid, foul-smelling fat from our sewer network under Corporation Street, which is pretty shocking.

“While many people are doing the right thing, clearly there are still people out there who are pouring their cooking fats, oils and grease down the kitchen sink and into our sewer network where it hardens and builds-up over time.

“If we hadn’t discovered this blockage, it would have only grown in size, until eventually it would have fully blocked the pipe.”