Fan told police they had ‘lot to answer for’

Hillsborough as it was in 1989
Hillsborough as it was in 1989
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A Liverpool FC fan told a senior policeman on duty at Hillsborough he and his colleagues had ‘a lot to answer for’, an inquest jury heard.

Maxwell Ross, a retired senior Customs and Excise officer, approached the senior policeman after helping stricken survivors following the fatal crush on the Leppings Lane terraces.

Mr Ross from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, told the new inquests into the disaster he used first aid skills learned in the Boy Scouts to assist casualties.

He said he could see no help for injured fans and a lack of communication between police officers who were ‘slow to respond’.

As he left the ground he saw a line of policemen including an officer with silver braid on his hat, who he took to be ‘very senior’.

He approached him and told him: “You and your men have a lot to answer for this.”

Mr Ross told the hearing: “He shouted, ‘Come here!’ and went to grab my arm.”

Mr Ross arrived at the game on April 15 1989, shortly before 3pm.

He said: “There was so much screaming and shouting and carrying on, and people trying to climb up the fences on either side, both onto the pitch and to the side, and you could see there was a lot of consternation down below.”