Fan’s view: Loans needed for home improvement

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I didn’t make the trip to the Riverside but it sounded like we shaded the first half and Boro dominated the second, writes Steve Walmsley.

So a point seemed decent and is always welcome from any away game. What wasn’t welcome was Anthony Gardner’s injury, which looked bad. It is a major blow to lose him for any length of time.

While away points are always good, we have to get the home form right.

In recent years, apart from the League One promotion season, we haven’t been good enough at home. We need to dominate teams and to do that we have to boss midfield and wield a threat up front; at the moment that requires fresh faces but not surprisingly the transfer window didn’t bring them.

We are left with the hope that the loan window will.

Apart from the launch of a luggage suite in the club shop, it’s been pretty quiet at S6 this week but less quiet down at S2 where they announced the £1 purchase of 50 per cent of the club and potential “game changing” investment.

Given that League One rules limit wages to 60 per cent of turnover, I’m not sure if the investment can be that big, and promotion to the Championship (if achieved) brings with it tight limits on losses and owner equity injections, so massive cash investment isn’t guaranteed to be the answer.

Leicester are cutting back after throwing money at it without success.

If a Championship club hasn’t got Premier League parachute payments then the real premium is on finding good bargain players who fit into a well organised, well coached and positively motivated team.

It would be nice to have a bit of investment at S6 but if it comes it won’t be at Man City levels, and it won’t change the game that much, so we’ll still need to make the very best of the cash we have. Over to you DJ.