Family get back online after broadband ‘nightmare’

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A Rotherham family were left without broadband for more than two months after the collapse of the Digital Region.

Kevin and Fayth Barber, from Treeton, contacted Action Desk in desperation after internet service provider Origin and BT Openreach appeared unable to get them online again.

The couple were one of several hundred Origin customers cut off without warning in August, after the closure of the £100 million Digital Region network.

They rang around providers and were told by BT they could get fibre broadband at their address.

Brilliant news for Kevin, an IT consultant who works from home, and Fayth, who runs a website and fan club for television medium Derek Acorah, as well as their two teenagers who are studying for exams.

Then followed weeks of trying to get the migration authorisation code to change users and getting the tags removed from the line.

The couple were also told fibre broadband was not available at their address, so they would have to revert to a slower connection.

By the middle of October the couple still were not up and running, so contacted Action Desk for help.

Fayth said: “It has been a constant nightmare.”


After a call from Action Desk, the couple finally got up and running.

A spokesman for BT apologised for the delay and offered a two-month rental refund as a goodwill gesture.

He said: “This is a very unique situation where an entire network closed down, leaving hundreds of people without service.

“Openreach stepped in and deployed engineers to prepare lines, so those customers impacted were able to place orders with their preferred service provider.

“Engineers worked tirelessly for several weeks to progress this, with work completing late September 2014.

“There have been issues with a very small number of individual lines following the completion of this work.

“We are sorry for the delay in getting him up and running and any inconvenience this has caused.”