Family distraught at students’ death

Monsoor Kitar and other family members
Monsoor Kitar and other family members
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The family of victim Anowar’s Tagabo have been left ‘devastated’ by the death of the much-loved and respected student.

The 25-year-old was granted asylum in the UK in 2007 and began a university degree in peace and development in 2013. He dreamed of returning to Sudan to become a politician and help restore peace in the country.


Sheffield man jailed for killing a student in the city centre with one punch

More than a dozen members of his family travelled to Sheffield yesterday see his killer, Nathan Tomlinson, jailed.

Following the sentencing, Monsoo Kitar, Mr Tagabo’s cousin, said: “Our family is devastated. Anowar’s mother came from Sudan to bury her son and she is in deep pain and anguish. She said being attacked and killed without provocation is unthinkable and beyond pain.

“Our brother and son, Anowar, was a typical 25-year-old. He was a kind, friendly and peaceful loving young man. Anowar worked hard as a student including studying peace and development at Bradford University.

“His dream was to return to Sudan in order to make a contribution towards peace.

“This sentence does not reflect what we have been expecting. However, it has been a fair outcome for this trial of the killer of our brother and son whose life has been cut short so savagely in this cruel act of violence by Tomlinson.”

Superintendent Natalie Shaw, of South Yorkshire Police, who led the investigation, said: “It has been a difficult time for the family and the community ,but what has been nice to see is the community have really rallied around and supported Anowar’s family and his mother, who still lives in Sudan. No sentence will ever bring Anowar back and no sentence will compensate for the loss of life of a loved one.”