Families need home comfort

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THE family home is a precious place, where you and your loved ones experience the moments which make life worth living.

So when that home is threatened by a rule change, families are understandably upset.

No wonder the Government move to give housing benefit only to those in homes which suit them is causing a stir.

It means the mum and dad who have brought up a family who have now flown the nest face being moved to a smaller property.

And while that will no doubt benefit a young family which needs a bigger place, we must not forget those who face looking for a new home.

The key to this policy working is to show understanding and compassion to those who must move.

If they want to stay in the community where they grew up, they deserve to be found a suitable place there.

We’re tired of the clever slogans

DONCASTER MP Ed Miliband has called it how it is and painted a picture of a Britain that is hurting.

In a speech designed to pitch himself as an ordinary bloke who understands ordinary values and how ordinary people are struggling with the recession, he will have hoped to have endeared himself to ordinary voters.

The product of our state education system, who believes in the values of our National Health Service and the struggles working men and women have, Mr Miliband is trying to claim the centre ground of the “squeezed middle” – and boy are we being squeezed.

But what we really want to see from our politicians is an end to the soundbites and some action that really will deliver change.

Both the coalition Government and the Labour one before it have to bear at least some of the burden that we are having to shoulder today.

We have had “Things can only get better” and “We’re all in it together”, and now we have “One Nation”.

Enough of the clever marketing slogans now. Let’s see policies that really are going to deliver a better Britain.

Our can do Cutler

WELCOME to our new Master Cutler Neil MacDonald.

Neil has already set the tone of his tenure, informal, relaxed and upbeat.

He will champion the manufacturing strengths of a city he believes has so much to offer.

Projecting the city region as a “can do” place it a great start and sends out a strong message to investors.