Fair Point: Tatt’s too much, petal

Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole
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She’s so pretty, even a slick of mascara is gilding the lily.

So why does Cheryl Cole feel the need to plaster herself in tramp-stamps?

Her latest tattoo, unveiled in all its glory on the Girls Aloud tour, which hit Sheffield Motorpoint Arena this week, is a huge picture of blood-red roses, shaded with black. Quite a good one, actually - if it was on a piece of stretch canvas instead of the flesh on a woman’s back.

She withstood 15 hours of pain to get it.

But get it I don’t.

Why do women want to permanently deface themselves?

They’ll live to regret it when they’re old and the roses are over-blown.

Some celebs have realised the error early doors, though.

Actress Megan Fox, 26, is having her Marilyn Monroe tattoo lasered from her arm.

And former wild child Drew Barrymore is erasing her six tatts. Now 38 and a mum of one, she wants to convert to husband’s Jewish faith, but scriptures prohibit tattoos.

Cheryl’s roses cover up a butterfly tatt she’d presumably gone off. Shouldn’t that have told her?

If she tires of this one, what’s she going to do?

Turn her back into a blackboard?