Fair Point: Stop baking, get stitching

Patrick Grant, Great British Sewing Bee
Patrick Grant, Great British Sewing Bee
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Who’d have bee-lieved it?

It’s a Tuesday night and we’re all sitting at home, watching people sew.

It was boring when I was a kid, observing my mum making my summer dresses and those horrible towelling beach things, holes either end, you wriggled out of your wet cossie beneath.

But BBC2 have managed to work a miracle. They’ve done something decades of needlework teachers never managed to achieve - to make sewing the new bees’ knees.

Forget baking. The Great British Sewing Be e is surely set to gather we who barely know how to thread a needle into a rickracked frenzy of making and mending. John Lewis will have to turn its haberdashery counter back to its former glory.

No fools, the Beeb have worked to a tried and tested recipe. There’s a smorgasbord of contestants. There’s a competition to be won.

And Sewing Bee has a hunk as knowledgeable and as manly as he is handsome doing the stitch-bitching.

Heart-throb with a needle is Patrick Grant, a Savile row tailor.

A cross-stitch between Paul Tottywood and David Beckham, he can measure my inside leg any day of the week.