FAIR POINT: Our forever friends - that’s what keeps us women ’appy

Friends forever....Thelma and Louise - Geena Davis & Susan Sarandon 1991
Friends forever....Thelma and Louise - Geena Davis & Susan Sarandon 1991
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Internet dating sites have gone from zero to romantic hero in many a single woman’s little black book.

If you’re prepared to take the driving seat and filter out the nerds and ne’rdo-wells, it works; I can vouch for that. I owe my marriage to Match.com.

But do women really need a phone app to make new friends?

A new, women-only friend-searcher launched this week. FriendsUp works a tad like Tinder, though rather than finding you a potential date, it finds you a new mate in the most innocent sense of the word.

It suggests potential new female friends who are nearby and lets you filter through them to find a good match. And FriendsUp is cheap; it’s in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for just 99p (if there’s one thing that unites all women, it’s the love of a bargain). But I predict a big, fat belly-flop.

Now, without doubt, a girlfriend is as fundamental to sustaining a woman’s life as food and water (and wine; don’t forget the wine).

She is your confidant and agony aunt, the one person who knows precisely when to be sympathetic and when to metaphorically kick you up the bum.

She will motivate you, comfort you, laugh and cry with you in a way that a man cannot. Because he will never fully understand you the way someone with the same hormones and body parts can.

But I don’t believe we need an app to find her. Women are natural friend-finders. We fall into conversation at the drop of a handbag. And once we’ve bonded, we rarely let go. That’s particularly so of a bezzie; I’ve known mine since I was 18. She will always be the Cagney to my Lacey.

FriendsUp reckon the going gets tough for Thelmas and Louises when fast-lane life and career choices force them a distance apart, but even then, I disagree; you simply use your phone for what it was initially invented for.