Fair Point: Falling from grace – the lowdown

The Duchess of Cambridge gets her heel stuck in a drain.
The Duchess of Cambridge gets her heel stuck in a drain.
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They’re calling her Catherine the Grate now...

Kate nearly came a cropper while on duty with Wills at a St Patrick’s Day military parade.

Not so much with the grate that almost legged her up when her stiletto heel got stuck in it, but with the holier than thou No Pregnant Woman Should Wear Heels brigade.

They stuck the boot in with a vengeance. Why on earth was she risking future Royal life and limb for the sake of her image, ranted the sort of people who always do everything by the book. Yawn.

The type of women who think heels are flighty and stick religiously to ugly, flat sandals. And the type of men who feel safe with women who wear them.

The stiletto-loving rest of us simply grinned and recalled our own ‘Quelle dommage, Rodney’ moments – heel-induced falls from grace in public places.

Like the time I stepped off Greek island motorbike I’d begged Husband No 1 not to hire outside a nightclub, cockled off my white Eighties courts into the kebab-strewn gutter and literally, my dress fell off.

A friend once left her shoe embedded in the steps of an aeroplane and another hopped on a departing train, leaving one errant heel on the platform. That Cinders never got her missing slipper back. And of course, there was Naomi Campbell’s finest moment on the Viv Westwood catwalk.

A girl at work outdid all of us, though. She came to work in odd shoes by accident. And actually didn’t realise til midday.