Fair Point: Doctor, I’m sick - of this treatment

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A London hospital is so hard up, its consultants could soon be “seeing” patients by Skype.

It’s not about making things easier for the sick. It’s a cost-cutter. They’ll be trying to get patients downloading op apps so they can do their own keyhole surgery next.

But I’m liking the principle.

GPs’ surgeries should listen up. Think of the time it would save getting to and fro. No more sitting for hours in a waiting room of infected people, either.

Wish I could have a video appointment with my doctors. Getting to see them is nigh-on impossible - because I’ve got a job. They don’t work evenings or weekends.

I could book an early morning (pre work) slot in advance, but so in demand are they there’s often a three-week wait. By the time you get to the surgery you’re either on your knees or well again.

Or you can try ringing up - along with everyone else - at 8am for an appointment that day, then drop everyone in it at the office.

Obviously children and the elderly should get priority. But getting ill people back to their jobs and paying their N.I. has to be, too.

All practices should be forced to open evenings and weekends.

I bet GPS like to do their supermarket shop of an evening and head for John Lewis on a Sunday.

We want service from them when it’s convenient, too.