Facts not myths

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Mr Palmer, (November 6), attacks the earlier letter about the European Union from Veronica Hardstaff.

Perhaps I can pick out some of the clearer points he makes, and give the facts.

First, ‘your EU Club which has never once opened its books for scrutiny’. Wrong.

The books are audited every year, and in the most recent audit year, 2013, the accounts were given a clean bill of health for the seventh year in a row.

This means that every euro spent from the EU budget was duly recorded in the books and accounted for.

By comparison, the National Audit Office again qualified our own Department of Work and Pensions accounts for 2014/15, which they have done every year since 1988/89.

So for 16 years the National Audit Office has said that DWP accounts do not properly record the money they’ve spent!

‘Your EU Club which now makes 75 per cent of our laws’. Wrong.

The independent House of Commons LIbrary found that the real proportion is just 13.2 per cent of our laws.

And these figures include everything that even mentions the EU, even if it’s just a “passing reference” or a definition, according to the researchers!

‘Your EU club that says anyone can cross our borders’. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Yes, within the EU there is free movement, which benefits UK students going to study abroad, Brits going to work in other countries, and our senior citizens who have retired to Spain or France. That’s a reciprocal right. But it is just plain wrong to say that the European Union says anyone can cross our borders.

By all means let’s have a debate, but let’s have it on the basis of facts, not myths.

Neill Schofield

Shirecliffe Road, Sheffield