Factories aren’t being given enough work

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THREATENED Remploy factories are not being given enough work from public bodies, a parliamentary debate will be told.

The Government has been recommended to withdraw subsidy paid to keep the factories open, including plants in Sheffield and Chesterfield, and use the funding to help private companies take on more staff.

But MPs who support Remploy say the factories could be made viable, but are running at only 50 per cent capacity because ‘public bodies have failed to support them’.

MPs will also raise the ‘failure’ of 201 councils in the UK to give work to Remploy during the three hour debate on Remploy to take place in Westminster Hall, in the Houses of Parliament, on Thursday.

Phil Davies, GMB national Secretary said: “MPs from across the UK will draw attention to the councils that are failing to support Remploy. The factories are rendered less economic being only 50 per cent loaded.”

He added: “The objective is to get the loading up and to keep these factories open. Making uniforms for the armed forces, emergency services and medical staff, and supplying schools would more than keep them busy.”