FA Commission? Put that in your Dyke and smoke it...

Greg Dyke
Greg Dyke
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Greg Dyke and chums got some fierce hammer after the FA Commission spoke on the future of English football.

Harsh, I thought at the time.

But I’ve just read the recommendations again and they deserve all they get.

Especially for the new league scheme. Of all the things to copy from Spain and other successful football countries they chose the Premier B League idea . Why?

Is it proved that that’s why Spain, Italy and Germany produce better young players than we do with more technical ability, touch and confidence?

No but it’s cheaper than tackling the real issues.

It’s the same cock-eyed, top-down dogma that says it’s OK for big businesses and banks to be sitting on trillions of pounds not knowing what do to with it - and they are, the BBC’s Mickey Clark has been banging on about it for months now and he knows stuff.

Apparently corporations, investment and pension funds don’t know whether to stick or twist with the vast reserves of cash they have stashed, some of it via the Government’s free money wheeze ‘quantative easing’.

All at a time when pensioners in South Yorkshire and everywhere else - are losing their right to free travel.

Call me a relic from the 1970s if you like but that’s just plain wrong .

Likewise Premier League clubs being asked to put under-21 teams into a new league below the Football League and above the conference.

What? Is a lack of such a league really why we produce too many second-rate footballers?

Or is that because Spain has 12,720 UEFA B licensed coaches - the ones likely to work with grass-roots players - Germany 28,400, Italy 27,430 and France 15,000 compared to 1,759 in England?

But of course to level that playing field would take money, a lot of money.

Money from Government and/or a narcissistic English Premier League so transfixed by its own reflection in the seductive glow of the world’s TV screens that it can’t see beyond it’s own image rights.

Change on that scale takes a strong national will and a belief in an end product that might take decades to bear fruit. Do we have the guts, desire and organisation to make that happen?

Answers please to: FA Chairman Greg Dyke, Wembley Stadium, London, HA9 0WS.