Extra Sheffield buses plea to ease overcrowding

Stannington, School Bus Protest
Stannington, School Bus Protest
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A WORRIED mum who claims her travel-sick daughter’s school bus is too full for her to get a seat has started a petition to put an end to overcrowded vehicles.

Susan Daniels, aged 51, claims children travelling to Bradfield School from Stannington village are being forced to stand on the journeys.

Now she has launched a petition calling on bus operator MASS Engineering to improve the service.

She said: “My daughter, Emily, has only just started at the school, but this overcrowding has been going on for quite a while.”

Mrs Daniels said the nearest bus stop to their home was on Fairbarn Way.

But she said the bus was already full at that point, so she walked her Emily, aged 11, to another stop in the hope she could get a seat.

She said: “I purposefully took her up the road to the Manor House stop, but she was still not getting a seat.

“Emily gets travel-sick and trying to get on the bus is putting her off going to school.”

Mrs Daniels also claims the bus was so full once that Emily was pushed into a glass partition.

She said The Star she had informed Bradfield School about the problem.

Currently, two buses run between Stannington and the school but Mrs Daniels is calling for another to be added.

Mick Strafford, managing director of MASS Engineering, which provides the bus service on behalf of Sheffield Council, said: “We are well within our rights to have standees.

“This is standard every year for every operator. It is always difficult and parents are quite understandably concerned, but we’ve heard this all before.”

Stannington councillor Vickie Priestly has met parents and promised to look into the problem.

Kim Ware pays for her two children, both in Year 7, to use the bus. She said: “I pay £48 a month for the bus and I don’t approve. I don’t think it’s a good service and I think they deserve better.”

Mrs Daniels said: “With children stood in the aisles, it is a worry if the driver had to stop suddenly.”

She has taken the petition for an extra bus to local businesses, parents and residents.

Keith Holmes, assistant head at Bradfield School, said the school monitored the number of pupils using the buses but he would check the numbers.

He said: “If there is a problem with the numbers, I’ll be reporting it back to the passenger transport executive.

“As a school we do care that students have a safe and happy journey to school.”