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There’s an added boost to the news that hundreds of jobs have been ear-marked for Sheffield.

It’s that XLN, which supplies services such as phones, internet and energy to small businesses, chose to open in Sheffield rather than Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Peterborough or Newcastle.

Recruitment for up to 300 jobs begins this week and around 400 could be created if the firm decides to take on a second floor at the site at North Bank in the city centre.

Of course, the jobs are welcome but it’s even more encouraging that Sheffield has punched its weight when up against its northern rivals and other cities from across Great Britain.

Increasingly businesses can pick and choose where they want to set up so it is important that Sheffield can offer what it needs.

The news has been greeted warmly by the Council and the Chamber of Commerce who alongside Creative Sheffield work as a team to attract business to the city.

The role of the universities, too, cannot be underestimated.

It is vital that all parties that can help bring jobs to Sheffield collaborate.

This is excellent news to start the week and just what Sheffield needs.