Extra charges to all tenants living in sheltered dwellings

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Last year the council came up with a spine-chilling idea to charge all tenants living in sheltered dwellings. The charges would range from around £22 per month up to £60-plus a month and with no ending, meaning a permanent charge while ever one lived in sheltered dwellings.

Reasons for not putting up this charge were repeatedly sent to the councillors both our local ones and the ones responsible for driving it but they didn’t want to know.

In our annual rent increase document, Coun Harry Harpham casually mentions it in his piece about what the council will be doing in the following year, as is the norm. He slipped in this piece about increasing sheltered charges as though it had just been agreed, when if fact it was contained in a cabinet document in January.

Strangely, Coun Harpham has decided or got other councillors to defer the decision until after April when the new charges for rent etc come in. I don’t believe in this kind of coincidence, especially when Coun Harpham hopes he will have left the city council to become an MP.

Government cuts have made things very difficult but to expect pensioners to help pay to keep well-paid staff and managers in a job is very wrong.

Other services in Sheffield have gone to the wall because of government cuts and if the council thinks that the warden service is so sacred then they should approach the service and ask all members to pay to keep the service going themselves. Another alternative would be to follow the Doncaster way and use the newly installed updated intercom system.

I have voted Labour all my life but l will certainly not be voting for Coun Harpham in this or any year’s election.


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