Explosion of talent

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I WOULD like to extend my thanks publicly to all those involved in organising the Crucible Theatre’s 40th birthday celebrations.

Anyone who knows the Crucible as well as I do will be aware of the incredible history of the place since its inception in 1971.

A few years ago I think you could safely say there were many doubts that this milestone would be reached.

However, reach it, it has and with a massive explosion of what can only be described as pure talent.

Over the past few years Sheffield Theatres has proved itself a worldwide phenomenon, partly thanks to World Snooker, but mainly due to the huge pool of worldwide talent that it can draw to it.

Last Wednesday was a fitting tribute to this magnificent venue and although I hadn’t been looking forward to Lives In Art, the first production of Sheffield People’s Theatre, I can honestly say: ‘Wow!’

The talent and enthusiasm of these volunteers, especially the young ones, was an absolute credit to all involved and one could see everyone, including the packed house, was enjoying the performance as much as the cast did.

The evening was rounded off by Mark Lawson interviewing the past and present artistic directors.

A special mention must go to Claire Venables, sadly no longer with us, without whose passion and energy in the 80s, I doubt we would have been having this tribute.

I look forward to the next 40 years of this incredible place.

Ashley Johnson, S9