Excellence must be achieved not gifted

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I WAS born on the Shiregreen estate of Sheffield.

It was a solid working class estate that housed hard-working working class people and was a nice estate with a waiting list to get a house there.

When I was 18 or 19 the council decided to house some problem tenants with a view to diluting the effects of their bad behavior and hopefully shine them up into model tenants.

There is an old Sheffield saying that goes along the lines of ‘You cannot polish a tu**.’

Perhaps another saying would be more apt, ‘you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.’

Shiregreen is not the estate it was when I was a kid. I would not feel safe there after dark.

Why does the council think that it would be fair to move problem families from the ‘sink estates’ on to expensive estates where the residents take pride in what they have worked hard to achieve?

If a person on the Shiregreen, Parson Cross, Manor or any other of these impoverished estates wants to go and live in one of the better estates of Sheffield they should be encouraged to do so via education and hard work and not just because some social engineering do-gooding busybody thinks it would make an interesting study for his or her PhD.

Excellence must be achieved and not gifted.

Life is not meant to be fair.

It is a reflection of what you wish to achieve. If you wish to live on a nice estate, with a nice car and have a good life, you work hard and you get it.

Success in life can never be given.

This is what has ruined the UK. This is what Labour cannot understand.

You get what you deserve out of life through hard work and application, not because somebody says you are vulnerable and unfairly treated.

LS, Sheffield