Ex-marine launches new website for teenagers

Former marine Jack Vennard has set up his own website for teenagers.

Former marine Jack Vennard has set up his own website for teenagers.

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A FORMER Marine from Sheffield has swapped serving his country for helping the nation’s teenagers.

Jack Vennard, aged 31, has set up a website which offers videos of people sharing their real life experiences or professional knowledge, on topics such as peer pressure.

Its aim is to encourage teenagers to think about their own lives and aspirations.

Jack, formerly of Hunters Bar, Sheffield, but now living in Chesterfield, was inspired by local entrepreneur Steve Perez whom he met while on leave several years ago.

He said: “I was instantly inspired by Steve’s persona and achievements in business and I knew from that day forwards that I wanted to create my own venture.”

After studying at university and working for pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, Jack started to develop his ‘online thinking tool’.

It has now launched at www.thinkingteenagers.tv

He sadded: “The idea is that teenagers watch the videos and then enter the ‘My Thinking Space’ section to think about their own lives and aspirations and move forward in a positive way.

“This isn’t a replacement for parenting by any means, it’s just like giving teenagers a book about life for insights, direction and inspiration.

“We hope parents decide to use the thinking tool with their teenagers too.

“My overall aim with this thinking tool is that it has a positive effect on teenagers’ lives, families and communities.”

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