Ex Hillsborough officer says it was right to test dead fans for alcohol

Ambulance outside the Hillsborough stadium
Ambulance outside the Hillsborough stadium
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A former senior policeman has told the Hillsborough inquests it was correct to test those who died in the disaster for alcohol consumption.

Ex detective superintendent Graham McKay denied ordering the criminal records of those who died to be checked.

Asked by Steven Simblet, representing some of the victims’ families, if he was involved in ordering alcohol tests to be carried out on the dead, Mr McKay said: “No, and I can quite understand why it was done and I think it was the correct thing to do.”

In a typed transcript Mr McKay described what happened in Sheffield Wednesday’s gymnasium in the aftermath of the crush.

It read: “Brought in with the dead were the injured and these were directed to the far end of the gymnasium at the other side of the petition. The dead were arriving in such numbers it was impossible to establish whether in fact they were dead.”

He said he could not say if thy were assessed on the pitch but accepted there was no opportunity to assess casualties once they reached the gym door.

Mr McKay said: “Everyone was doing the best they could. It was a scene that I was quite unprepared for.

“Nothing like that had ever occurred in my life. It was shocking. It was a tremendous shock to one’s senses. It was a time for improvisation and initiative.”

Mr Mckay denied his default position was to describe any Liverpool fan as ‘a drunken lout’.