Everyone could benefit here

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WITH the purse strings being drawn ever-tighter on public spending the country certainly needs public-spirited people like David and Julie Whiteside who decided to adopt a plot of seemingly derelict land and plant it with bright flowers and fruit trees.

However, it seems the couple overstepped the mark by, in some people’s minds, laying claim to the land as their own when they erected fencing, raised beds and a composter.

Now the parish council has come down on them like a ton of bricks, insisting they destroy all their good work.

Surely there ought to be a middle ground here where everyone could benefit. It’s clear the Whitesides should have consulted with the parish council, who view the land as a buffer between different parts of the village. But, on the other hand, councillors ought to be less hard-line in their attitude and try to harness the couple’s good intentions.

That way everyone would benefit, not least being the rest of the good people living in Wickersley.

Chance to show council helps all

MORE signs of the up-turn in the local economy are to be found after it was reported that twice as much office space was let in Sheffield city centre in the first three months of this year than the same period during 2010.

This shows that there are businesses who are in the market for expansion and development, which bodes well for the people of our region who look to the city’s economy for jobs and prosperity.

One thing which is noticeable in the up-turn is that the majority of demand is for smaller businesses, needing fewer desk spaces than had previously been experienced.

Sheffield is glad of job opportunities, wherever they emerge and we know that the city council is alert to the potential of encouraging all kinds of business enterprises within the city.

Their new boast of being a business-friendly local authority now has a new opportunity to show how this is translated into good news for everybody.

It’s all to fight for

CAMPAIGNING is now well underway in Sheffield with all three major parties facing everything to play for: the Lib Dems are battling to hold on to power while Labour is seeking to turn back the clock to the days they ruled the town hall roost. Also the Green Party are fighting hard to avoid losing yet another seat at the hustings.

With so much at stake, it is not surprising that this promises to be one of the toughest electoral battles in years.

Here we highlight the differences between the major parties in the hope it will inspire you to use your right to take part in the local election.

Remember, your vote is vital to Sheffield locally and helping to shape what the future will bring.