Evening ruined by parking fine

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I REFER to the letter from Sally Grehan (January 24) relating to the “appalling parking procedures” at Centertainment.

I had a very similar experience. I and my family decided to have a pleasant Saturday evening out at the cinema watching The King’s Speech.

We booked the cinema in advance and arrived at the complex shortly before 8pm to find that the car park was completely full. There were obviously no bays available, so people were parking on, or by, the kerbs within the car park and I did the same.

As it is a free car park I was not attempting to avoid payment and I did not see any warning signs posted around the car park.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the film we returned to my vehicle to discover that we had received an £80 parking fine imposed by a private company, Vehicle Control Services Ltd.

Our car was not in any way blocking any access, nor blocking any bays and the fine ruined what had been an excellent evening.

I wonder if the owners of the cinema and the restaurants in the complex are aware that such exorbitant fees will scare off their customers. I can understand some parking control, but such blatant profiteering is completely unnecessary.

Stephen J Price, Ashfurlong Road, Sheffield S17