Evasive, vague, disinterested

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Nick Clegg has decided to champion the cause of the victims of male primogeniture in the British monarchy and that this will involve changing legislation in up to 15 Commonwealth countries.

My family, who have a daughter with a learning disability, together with a number of other families in Sheffield with similar problems, have been trying for nearly two years to enlist Mr Clegg’s support to change the law to make it easier to set up stable, long-term supported living for adults with learning disabilities.

At the moment, this is virtually impossible, due to laws, regulations and bureaucracy. He granted us one meeting, but his replies to our correspondence are evasive, vague and disinterested.

Isn’t it time he espoused worthwhile causes that affect his constituents and genuinely disadvantaged people, rather than pursuing headline-grabbing trivia?

JL Wingfield, Sheffield S10