Evans soon to be free - is there still a place for him in football?

Ched Evans
Ched Evans
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TWO years ago this week he was flying high.

With a goal in a 5-2 win at Notts County and a hat-trick against Chesterfield Ched Evans was leading the Sheffield United charge to promotion, his 35 goals helping Blades stay two steps ahead of Sheffield Wednesday as the League One season headed for the wire.

Then it all unravelled.

The court case that had been hanging over him for a year came to an end and he was found guilty of rape and sentenced to five years in prison - with two and a half years to be served under licence.

He protested his innocence then and still does today despite his being refused leave to appeal.

Having served his time Chedwyn Michael Evans is due to be released in October and may even be out in the summer in time for pre-season training.

But where?

Who will have him?

A man with 35-goals a season in his boots is a man in demand.

Presuming he wants to continue playing professionally he will be at liberty to do so.

He will have paid the debt that society deemed appropriate for the offence and, like other offenders, will be free to look for work.

It just so happens that he’s a footballer, formerly feted by many thousands of Sheffielders.

United released Evans from his contract when he was found guilty by the five men and seven women of the jury at Caernarvon Crown Court.

The club is making no statement on his position or theirs after he is released.

But the prospect of a 25-year-old prolific goalscorer being without a club with possibly his best playing years ahead of him is intriguing.

He would be taunted and abused mercilessly by fans, there will be groups vehemently opposed to his ever playing again.

But the law of the land states that he is free to earn a living.

How would you feel about him playing for your club? Has the slate been wiped clean or is the crime he was found guilty of just too much to forgive?

Managers and chairmen around the country will have an eye on Evans’ situation this summer.

Will anyone be surprised if he’s playing again next season?