EU exit ‘economic disaster’ fears

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Hundreds of businesses in South Yorkshire could face closure if Britain leaves the European Union, according to research.

Pollsters YouGov surveyed 1,024 companies across the country and found 6 per cent of firms would close if an exit took place, which could cost tens of thousands of jobs.

The figures were highlighted by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat leader and MP for Sheffield Hallam, whose party remains in favour of continued membership of the EU.

Mr Clegg said leaving the EU would be a ‘disaster’ and it would be better for Britain to remain and fight for reforms.

He said: “These numbers are another reminder that Europe creates jobs and puts money in people’s pockets across the UK, including right here in Yorkshire.

“Dozens of Sheffield firms rely on trade with our European neighbours to sell their quality manufactured products. Withdrawing from Europe would be a disaster for our local economy.

“It boils down to a simple question, in or out.

“It’s time for all pro-Europeans to step up and make the argument that our jobs, our livelihoods, security, and our climate all depend on Britain’s EU membership.”